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Cycling routes in Cantabria

An Unforgettable Cycling Experience in Northern Spain

Cantabria, located in the northern part of Spain, is a cyclist's paradise with its diverse terrain and stunning landscapes. The region offers a mix of challenging mountain climbs, scenic coastal routes, and tranquil countryside roads. Notable cycling spots include the famous Alto de l'Angliru, a legendary climb featured in the Vuelta a España, and the Bay of Biscay coastline, with its picturesque fishing villages and sandy beaches. Cantabria's cycling infrastructure is well-developed, with designated cycling paths and cyclist-friendly accommodation options. The region also hosts various cycling events, such as the Veloclásica, attracting both leisure cyclists and professionals. Whether you're seeking challenging climbs or leisurely rides along the coast, Cantabria offers an unforgettable cycling experience.

Embark on an epic road cycling adventure through the diverse landscapes of Cantabria

193 km
2528 m

Cantabrian Adventure is an epic 193 km road cycling route that takes you through the diverse landscapes of Cantabria. Starting near Reinosa, this route offers a challenging ascent of 2528m, making it suitable for experienced amateur cyclists with a high level of fitness. As you ride, you will pass through charming villages, majestic mountains, and rolling hills, offering a truly immersive and unforgettable cycling experience.

Embark on an epic road cycling tour covering the best of Miengo's thrilling routes and scenic views

90 km
1091 m

Prepare for the ultimate road cycling experience in Miengo, Cantabria. This challenging and rewarding route will lead you through breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, and significant cultural landmarks. Push your limits and create unforgettable memories along this legendary road cycling tour.

Worth to see in Cantabria:

Image of Bárcena de Cicero
Bárcena de Cicero

Diverse routes with epic climbs.

Image of Bareyo

Tranquility and legendary climbs await.

Image of Santander

Cycle the legendary climbs and beachside beauty of Santander, Spain.

Image of San Vicente de la Barquera
San Vicente de la Barquera

Embark on an adventure of stunning coastal views and epic climbs in San Vicente de la Barquera.

Image of Ramales de la Victoria
Ramales de la Victoria

Conquering legendary climbs in Ramales de la Victoria

Image of Reocín

Cyclist's paradise with challenging climbs and scenic surroundings

A thrilling route that follows the scenic coastal road

82 km
1225 m

Embark on a coastal adventure as you cycle along the beautiful Santander coast. This route offers stunning views of the Cantabrian Sea as you pass charming towns and landmarks.

A thrilling gravel adventure with stunning coastal views and ornate mountain passes.

91 km
2184 m

This epic gravel adventure takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of Cantabria, Spain. Starting in the picturesque town of San Vicente de la Barquera, you'll journey through diverse terrains including coastal pathways and challenging mountain passes. With an ascent of 2184 meters and a distance of 91 kilometers, this route offers a serious challenge for well-trained amateur cyclists. The highlights along the route include San Vicente de la Barquera, known for its medieval castle and beautiful beaches, and Pico Sarria, where you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Overall, this route combines exhilarating cycling with stunning natural beauty, making it a must-try for adventure-seeking cyclists.

Experience the breathtaking climb to Alto Campizón on this road cycling route

153 km
3774 m

This challenging road cycling route takes you from Castro-Urdiales to Alto Campizón, offering stunning views and a thrilling climb. With a total ascent of 3774 meters and a distance of 153 kilometers, this route is a test of endurance and skill. Enjoy highlights along the way such as the scenic Alto de la Mina, the charming town of Revilla, and the historic La Iglesia. Overall, this route is perfect for experienced cyclists seeking an epic and memorable adventure.

Worth to see in Cantabria:

Image of Reinosa

Conquering challenging climbs in the majestic Reinosa

Image of Los Corrales de Buelna
Los Corrales de Buelna

Cycling paradise with ties to Óscar Freire

Image of Santa Cruz de Bezana
Santa Cruz de Bezana

Coastal beauty and exhilarating climbs.

Image of Cartes

Explore the charming countryside and challenging climbs of Cartes.

Image of Penagos

Experience the tranquility and scenic beauty of Penagos while cycling.

Image of Ampuero

Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage and diverse cycling experiences of Ampuero.

Discover Quintanilla on this scenic road cycling route

82 km
2018 m

Experience the beauty of Cantabria on this 82-kilometer road cycling route. Starting in San Vicente de la Barquera, you'll cycle through charming villages and encounter highlights such as Labarces, Mirador de Celis, and Quintanilla. With an ascent of 2018 meters, this route provides a thrilling adventure for cyclists. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Hortigal, a scenic neighborhood known for its stunning natural surroundings. For detailed descriptions and scores of each highlight, check the highlights section.

Explore the rugged terrain of Villacarriedo on this challenging gravel route

52 km
1077 m

Embark on an epic gravel adventure in Villacarriedo, exploring its breathtaking landscapes and picturesque villages. This route offers a challenging ride with stunning views and plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Cycle through scenic villages and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.

53 km
746 m

Get a taste of the tranquil countryside surrounding Santa María de Cayón with this gravel route. With an ascent of 746m over a distance of 53km, this ride offers a moderate challenge for experienced cyclists. Highlights include the charming villages of Vargas and Renedo de Piélagos, where you can experience the picturesque beauty of the region. Be sure to take a break and explore the vibrant town of Sarón, offering a variety of amenities. Overall, this route allows you to discover the peaceful side of Cantabria, immersing yourself in its rich history and natural landscapes.

Worth to see in Cantabria:

Image of Comillas

Immerse yourself in the architectural beauty and diverse cycling experiences of Comillas.

Image of Santoña

Coastal charm and accessible routes.

Image of Puente Viesgo
Puente Viesgo

Cycling adventures and cultural wonders in Puente Viesgo

Image of Noja

Coastal beauty and challenging climbs.

Image of Miengo

Tranquil countryside and hidden climbing gems.

Image of Molledo

Cycling paradise near Alto de la Montaña Pasiega

Discover the hidden gems of Cantabria on this road cycling route near Los Corrales de Buelna

106 km
1483 m

Embark on a journey filled with hidden gems of Cantabria on this road cycling route near Los Corrales de Buelna. With a total ascent of 1483m and a distance of 106km, this route is perfect for cyclists who want to explore lesser-known but equally beautiful destinations. Highlights include Jerrapiel, Oruña, and Peña Castillo, offering unique experiences and stunning vistas. Explore charming villages, encounter local traditions, and be captivated by the natural beauty that lies off the beaten path. This route is rated with a difficulty level of 4, providing a challenge that will reward cyclists with memorable experiences.

Enjoy stunning coastal views on this short gravel loop near El Astillero.

49 km
548 m

This shorter gravel route is perfect for a quick cycling excursion near El Astillero. With a total ascent of 548 meters and a distance of 49 kilometers, it offers a moderate challenge suitable for amateur riders. The highlights along this route include Gajano, Peña Mora, Sarón, Carcobillo, La Encina, and Pontejos.

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More worth to see:

Image of Laredo

Vibrant town with diverse cycling routes.