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Cycling routes in Castilla y León

Discovering the diverse landscapes and historic towns of Castilla y León.

Castilla y León, a region in Spain, offers breathtaking landscapes and diverse terrains for cyclists to explore. With its combination of mountain ranges, rolling hills, and plains, the region caters to both road and gravel cyclists. Cyclists can enjoy scenic routes through the Pyrenees, traverse the iconic Riaño reservoir, or challenge themselves on the famous climbs like Alto de Angliru. Castilla y León is rich in history and culture, providing cyclists with picturesque medieval towns and stunning castles to visit along their routes. The region also hosts various cycling events, including the renowned Vuelta a Castilla y León, adding to its allure as a cycling destination.

Embark on a mountainous escapade through the breathtaking landscapes of Bierzo

90 km
2656 m

Get ready for a mountainous escapade through the captivating landscapes of Bierzo. This 90-kilometer gravel route boasts an ascent of 2656 meters, challenging even the most experienced riders. As you pedal through the region, you will encounter highlights such as Pico El Redondal, a majestic peak offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The difficulty level is rated as 4, making it suitable for well-trained amateurs seeking a challenge. Enjoy the serene beauty of Alto del Mojón, Villar de Ciervos, San Cristóbal de Valdueza, and the beautiful starting point of Castropodame as you push yourself to new limits.

Conquer the legendary climbs of Tremor

115 km
1741 m

Get ready for an epic road challenge with this 115km cycling route through Tremor, known for its iconic climbs and breathtaking landscapes. With a challenging ascent of 1741m, this route is suitable for experienced cyclists seeking a thrilling adventure. Along the way, you'll conquer famous climbs like El Taragudo and Quintana del Castillo, and enjoy stunning views from La Garandilla and Torre del Bierzo. The highlight of the route is Pico la Rueda, a legendary climb that tests even the most seasoned cyclists. This epic road challenge showcases the best of Tremor's cycling culture and natural beauty.

Worth to see in Castilla y León:

Image of Candeleda

Cycling paradise in the heart of nature.

Image of San Ildefonso
San Ildefonso

Discover diverse cycling routes in San Ildefonso, Spain

Image of Cantalejo

Breathtaking landscapes and legendary climbs in Cantalejo, Spain

Image of Arcos de Jalón
Arcos de Jalón

Discover the legendary Alto de Morcuera climb in Arcos de Jalón.

Image of La Pola de Gordón
La Pola de Gordón

Adventure Cycling in La Pola de Gordón

Image of Valdefresno

Conquering the fearsome Alto de Angliru and embracing cycling greatness in Valdefresno.

Explore the picturesque villages

71 km
601 m

Embark on a 71 km gravel adventure through the lush green countryside of Castilla y León. With a manageable ascent of 601 meters, this route takes you through scenic landscapes and charming villages.

Embark on a thrilling gravel adventure through the Curueño Valley near Valdefresno

95 km
1081 m

Experience the untamed beauty of the Curueño Valley on this challenging gravel route starting from Valdefresno. With a difficulty level suitable for well-trained amateur cyclists, this 95-kilometer route offers breathtaking scenery and a total ascent of 1081 meters. Traverse through picturesque villages, lush valleys, and discover the region's rich history along the way. Get ready for an epic bikepacking adventure through the heart of Castilla y León.

Embark on an off-road gravel adventure through the rural landscapes near Villarejo de Órbigo.

70 km
571 m

This gravel route takes cyclists on an exciting off-road adventure through the rural landscapes near Villarejo de Órbigo. With a total ascent of 571 meters and a distance of 70 kilometers, this ride is perfect for gravel enthusiasts looking to explore the untamed beauty of the region. Cyclists will pass through highlights such as Riego de la Vega, Destriana, Morales del Arcediano, San Justo de la Vega, and Santibáñez de Valdeiglesias. The difficulty level of this route is rated as 2 out of 5, making it suitable for experienced gravel riders. In terms of epicness, this route earns a rating of 3 out of 5, as it offers breathtaking views and a sense of adventure.

Worth to see in Castilla y León:

Image of Fuentes de Oñoro
Fuentes de Oñoro

Conquer the majestic Alto Cavia climb in Fuentes de Oñoro

Image of Lerma

Cycling and Culture in Lerma

Image of Espinosa de los Monteros
Espinosa de los Monteros

Cycling paradise in Espinosa de los Monteros: Epic climbs and breathtaking vistas.

Image of San Esteban de Gormaz
San Esteban de Gormaz

Cyclist's paradise with stunning landscapes, historical sites, and nearby wine region.

Image of Carracedelo

Conquer famed climbs and enjoy scenic routes in Carracedelo.

Image of Bembibre

Embark on a cycling adventure through the scenic landscapes and legendary climbs of Bembibre in the Castilla y León region of Spain.

A challenging journey through diverse landscapes

136 km
1083 m

Take on the exhilarating challenge of exploring the outskirts of León. This demanding route leads cyclists through a variety of landscapes, from rolling hills to lush valleys. Discover the charming villages of Villanueva de las Manzanas and San Andrés del Rabanedo, where you can catch a glimpse of local life. Admire the picturesque beauty of Lorenzana and Carrocera, nestled amidst stunning natural scenery. The route also passes through La Robla and Robles de la Valcueva, offering breathtaking views and the opportunity to experience the authentic charm of the region. Finish the journey in Villarente, a small village with an incredible architectural heritage.

Embark on an epic mountain adventure on this challenging road cycling route

122 km
2322 m

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable mountain biking experience on this road cycling route near Velilla del Río Carrión. With a demanding ascent of 2322 meters and a distance of 122 kilometers, it is suitable for experienced and well-trained cyclists. Explore picturesque towns like Guardo and Riaño as you ride through breathtaking landscapes. Admire the majestic Fuentes de Peñacorada and Collado de la Lana. The highlight of the route is the Embalse de Riaño, a fascinating reservoir nestled amidst the mountains.

Embark on an adventurous gravel cycling journey starting from Fuentes de Oñoro

74 km
915 m

Experience the thrill of gravel cycling with this 74 km route starting from Fuentes de Oñoro. With a challenging ascent of 915 meters, this route is perfect for cyclists seeking a more demanding adventure. Along the way, you'll encounter highlights such as Aldeia da Ribeira, a charming village with traditional houses, and Porto de Ovelha, a scenic spot with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Worth to see in Castilla y León:

Image of Villacastín

Exploring the scenic routes and conquering the Puerto de Somosierra in Villacastín.

Image of Toreno

Mountainous terrain and legendary climb in Castilla y León

Image of Alba de Tormes
Alba de Tormes

Hidden gem for road cycling in Alba de Tormes, Spain.

Image of Torre del Bierzo
Torre del Bierzo

Conquer legendary climbs and soak in the beauty of Torre del Bierzo.

Image of Cistierna

Cycling paradise with legendary climbs in Castilla y León, Spain

Image of Cervera de Pisuerga
Cervera de Pisuerga

Scenic cycling and legendary climbs in Castilla y León

Embark on a bicycle tour through scenic landscapes and historic sites, starting and ending at Arenas de San Pedro.

39 km
642 m

This road cycling route starting near Arenas de San Pedro takes you on a journey through beautiful countryside and charming towns. Explore the historic Palacio de la Mosquera and enjoy the picturesque views from Risco las Culebras. With a total ascent of 642 meters, this route is suitable for well-trained amateurs looking for a moderate challenge. The highlights along the route offer a mix of history and natural beauty, ensuring an enjoyable and fulfilling cycling experience.

Embark on a scenic road route with highlights including the Mirador del Cuerno and Ojo Guareña

55 km
819 m

This 55 km road route offers a scenic journey through beautiful landscapes near Espinosa de los Monteros. Admire the charming town of Villarcayo before reaching the Mirador del Cuerno, known for its panoramic views. Continue your adventure to the enchanting Ojo Guareña, famous for its extensive cave system. Don't miss the Torre de los Velasco, a historic tower overlooking the picturesque countryside. Conclude your ride at the Mirador de la Herbosa, offering stunning views of the surrounding area.

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