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Cycling routes in Comunidad de Madrid

Varied terrain and well-developed infrastructure

Comunidad de Madrid is a region located in central Spain and offers a diverse range of cycling experiences. From challenging mountain climbs in the Sierra de Guadarrama to relaxed rides along the banks of the Manzanares River, there is something for every cyclist in this region. The Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is a highlight for road cyclists, offering steep ascents and thrilling descents through beautiful landscapes. Gravel cyclists can enjoy the picturesque paths and trails in the nearby Regional Park of Southeast, combining nature and off-road adventure. Additionally, the region boasts a well-developed cycling infrastructure with dedicated lanes and routes, making it easy to explore both the urban and rural areas. With its varied terrain and cycling-friendly facilities, Comunidad de Madrid is a great destination for cyclists seeking both challenge and relaxation.

Leave the urban hustle behind and venture into the peaceful countryside with this captivating round-trip route near Salamanca.

29 km
324 m

Immerse yourself in a peaceful retreat as you cycle through the serene countryside surrounding Salamanca. Leave the noise and bustle of the city behind as you escape into nature's tranquility. Rural Escape offers leisurely cycling through gently rolling terrain, perfect for both relaxation and enjoying the great outdoors. Suitable for moderately trained cyclists seeking a calming cycling experience. Highlights along this route include Madrid's lively streets, the historic calle de los cuchilleros, Vicálvaro, and the Retiro Park. These spots offer a mix of vibrant urban atmosphere and pockets of nature's bliss. Take your time to soak in the rustic charm and breathe in the fresh countryside air.

Experience gravel cycling and visit the historic Castillo Viejo de Manzanares

49 km
395 m

This gravel route starting from Colmenar Viejo takes you on a 49km adventure with 395m of ascent. Enjoy the natural beauty of the region as you cycle through scenic landscapes and pass by highlights such as the puente medieval del Batan, an atmospheric medieval bridge. The route also takes you to Cerceda, where you can explore the town's cultural heritage. The highlight of the route is the Castillo Viejo de Manzanares, an ancient castle with a rich history and stunning views. Suitable for gravel cyclists with moderate experience.

Worth to see in Comunidad de Madrid:

Image of San Martín de la Vega
San Martín de la Vega

Unleash your inner climber in the heart of Comunidad de Madrid.

Image of Pedrezuela

Cycling paradise in Pedrezuela, Spain

Image of Navacerrada

Cycling Paradise in the Mountains: Navacerrada, Spain

Image of Torrelaguna

Discover Legendary Climbs in Torrelaguna

Image of Tres Cantos
Tres Cantos

Gateway to unparalleled cycling adventures in the captivating Sierra de Guadarrama.

Image of Cercedilla

Mountain biking haven near Madrid

Experience a scenic road tour through Daganzo de Arriba, Torres de la Alameda, and Campo Real

117 km
1192 m

Embark on a breathtaking 117-kilometer road tour with a total ascent of 1192 meters. This route takes you through picturesque towns like Daganzo de Arriba, Torres de la Alameda, Campo Real, Vallequillas, Vicálvaro, Paracuellos de Jarama, and Mirador Barajas T4. Suitable for road cycling enthusiasts looking for stunning landscapes and cultural exploration.

Conquer the ultimate cycling challenge in El Escorial and Navacerrada

108 km
1472 m

Embark on an epic cycling journey through the stunning landscapes of El Escorial and Navacerrada. With a total ascent of 1472 meters over 108 kilometers, this route is a real test of endurance for experienced cyclists. Highlights along the way include the famous El Escorial monastery and the breathtaking views from the summit of Cerro del Jaralón.

A thrilling gravel ride showcasing the diverse landscapes near Parla

45 km
190 m

Embark on an exhilarating gravel ride through Parla's diverse landscapes and stunning countryside. With a total ascent of 190 meters and a distance of 45 kilometers, this route offers a mix of challenging climbs and scenic landscapes. From rolling hills to tranquil wooded areas, it's a perfect way to experience the natural beauty of the region.

Worth to see in Comunidad de Madrid:

Image of Guadarrama

Legendary Climbs and Scenic Views in Guadarrama

Image of Getafe

Unleash your cycling potential in the heart of Comunidad de Madrid

Image of Rascafría

Cycling Paradise in the Heart of Comunidad de Madrid

Image of El Molar
El Molar

Uncover the Cycling Secrets of El Molar

Image of Torrelodones

Cycling in the Heart of Guadarrama Mountain Range's Legends

Image of La Cabrera
La Cabrera

Cyclist's paradise in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range, featuring legendary climbs.


Lozoya Highs

Take on the gravel climb to Portillo del Lobo.

108 km
1466 m

The Lozoya Highs route is perfect for gravel enthusiasts looking for a challenging climb. With 1466m of ascent and 108km of distance, this route takes you through picturesque countryside and charming towns. The highlight of the route is the climb to Portillo del Lobo, offering stunning views from the top. Overall, the route is suitable for well-trained amateurs with a keen sense of adventure.

A challenging loop through the mountains of Sierra Madrileña

132 km
2359 m

Experience the beauty and challenge of the Sierra Madrileña region with this epic cycling loop. With a total distance of 132 km and an ascent of 2359 m, this route is not for the faint-hearted. Along the way, you'll encounter picturesque towns and stunning natural landscapes.

Immerse yourself in nature as you journey through Pinar Baldío and conquer the challenging Puerto de Cotos climb.

105 km
1679 m

Embark on a picturesque road cycling adventure near Navacerrada, where you will experience the tranquility of the Pinar Baldío and test your mettle on the challenging Puerto de Cotos climb. With a difficulty level of 4, this 105km route is recommended for experienced cyclists who enjoy challenging themselves in breathtaking natural settings. Along the way, you will encounter stunning viewpoints, serene forests, and charming towns such as Rascafría and Canencia. This route offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and physical exertion, providing a truly unforgettable cycling experience.

Worth to see in Comunidad de Madrid:

Image of Chapinería

Unforgettable Cycling Adventures in Chapinería

Image of Collado-Villalba

Cyclist's paradise with iconic climb and cycling-friendly infrastructure.

Image of Salamanca

Historical sites and challenging climbs in Spain.

Image of Aldea del Fresno
Aldea del Fresno

Nature's Beauty and Challenging Climbs in Aldea del Fresno

Image of Moralzarzal

Thriving cycling community with challenging climbs and Sierra de Guadarrama.

Image of Becerril de la Sierra
Becerril de la Sierra

Cycling Paradise near Madrid

Embark on a gravel exploration of the beautiful landscapes near Moralzarzal.

85 km
927 m

Discover the charm of the region on this 85-kilometer gravel route starting from Moralzarzal. With an ascent of 927 meters and a difficulty rating of 3, it's suitable for cyclists with a moderate level of training. Be captivated by the natural beauty of Galapagar, a town known for its breathtaking landscapes. Stop by Casa Matamoras, a historical house with intriguing architecture, and explore the vibrant streets of Villanueva del Pardillo. Enjoy panoramic views from Mirador de Valdemorillo, and marvel at the landscapes of Cerro de la Asunción. With an epicness rating of 3, this route promises an enjoyable gravel exploration of the region's highlights.

Embark on an epic road cycling journey around Madrid

85 km
547 m

This road cycling route offers a challenging ride through Madrid's suburbs and surrounding countryside, showcasing stunning landscapes and notable attractions. Suitable for experienced riders, the route includes ascents and descents, providing a thrilling cycling adventure.

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Comunitat Valenciana

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Image of Valdemorillo

Cyclist's paradise nestled in the Madrid region.

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Cycling paradise in Comunidad de Madrid